Meet your building’s
ground support.

From last-minute schedule changes to unexpected emergencies, you can rely on GSS to respond instantly

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We don’t just
maintain buildings
- we improve them.

It’s the details that make all the difference.
GSS crew members take pride in their:


If your facility has a dress code, our employees strictly adhere to it. If no dress code is in place, our employees show up crisply dressed in one of ours.


We consider more than just skills when choosing your team. GSS employees are polite, personable, and a pleasure to deal with.


We train our team to take pride in a job well done. And through regular check-ins and inspection reports, we ensure that the service you receive is of the highest caliber, always.

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How does GSS consistently
maintain higher standards?

Our secret begins and ends with our process


Rigorous Vetting

To ensure employees uphold our standards and yours, a member of our executive team personally interviews each and every new hire - no exceptions.


Hands-on Training

Over the years we’ve created standardized processes that each employee is trained to strictly adhere to, from service and communication standards to timeliness and dress code.


Detailed Oversight

From Team Leads in each facility we service, to city liaisons, we maintain a clear chain of command and strict accountability.


Inspection Reports

Team Leads regularly compare standards against a detailed checklist created just for your facility, sending you an inspection report, which includes pictures of items we’d like to bring to your attention.

Now meet the team behind it.

You’ve seen our process.


How can your property run better?

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