About GSS

About gss services

Leading with Vision: Facilitate Safe, Clean Spaces to Live, Work & Socialize

Embarking on a journey from modest origins to becoming trusted property allies, GSS Services commenced operations in 2007 as a security firm catering to the needs of local businesses and structures. Swiftly gaining acclaim for our amiable, skilled, and dependable teams, our enterprise flourished. Presently, we stand as a resilient facility staffing service provider with dedicated teams situated across the USA.

Mission Statement

The GSS standard is to facilitate safe, clean spaces to live work & socialize.

Stategic Vision

Our dedication to our clientele is renowned. Beyond merely offering services, we transcend to be your steadfast, agile, and responsive partners—committed to assisting you in optimizing the efficiency of your facility management.

Excellence in Staffing Solutions

At GSS Services, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering top-tier staffing services. These core values ensure that GSS services is a top staffing choice for your commercial or residential facility:

Rigorous Vetting, Hands-On Training

Our HR team and department heads meticulously vet potential employees to ensure adherence to high standards. New staff undergo a thorough onboarding process and receive on-site training with Area Managers.

24/7 Supervision & Support

Maintaining a clear chain of command, from Team Leads to city liaisons, ensures strict accountability. GSS management is available 24/7 for swift issue resolution and emergency assistance.

Actionable Accountability

Detailed, comprehensive inspection reports with checklists keep you informed about every service aspect, providing transparency in our operations.

Innovative Technology

GSS has custom-developed a cutting-edge workflow software, called Automated Report Center (ARC). The application streamlines daily operations with an automated process control system. ARC monitors time, attendance, geo-mapping, work orders, and quality control, offering peace of mind.

GSS Services Gives Back

Sustainability Initiatives

The GSS Green Cleaning Policy and Plan addresses environmental best practices for cleaning the interior of your property. The Green Cleaning Policy and Plan addresses:

  • Purchasing sustainable cleaning, hard-floor and carpet products, and entryway systems
  • Procuring sustainable cleaning equipment
  • Developing and implementing standard operating procedures for effective cleaning
  • Promoting and improving hand hygiene
  • Developing guidelines for handling cleaning chemicals
  • Developing staffing and employee training requirements
  • Collecting and addressing occupant feedback
  • Establishing procedures for use of chemical concentrates and dilution systems.

Employee Benefits Programs

Our staff is the backbone of our operations. We ensure that they are aware of their value by rewarding commendable work through the following incentives:

  • Employee of the Quarter/Year Awards
  • Periodic Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Quarterly Employee Appreciation Events
  • End of Year Employee Appreciation Celebration
  • Higher Education Courses
  • Spot Bonuses

Who We Are

With over 3,000+ associates, GSS Services provides facility staffing solutions across the USA.

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